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Music Schools and Studios, Victoria BC
Lynne Greenwood - Professional Saxophone and Woodwind Specialist - Victoria BC1. Lynne Greenwood - Professional Saxophone and Woodwind Specialist - Victoria BC
Music Lessons, by Lynne Greenwood, a professional Saxophonist and Woodwind Specialist in Victoria BC, Canada
Music Lessons @ 903 Collinson - Fairfield, Victoria B.C.2. Music Lessons @ 903 Collinson - Fairfield, Victoria B.C.
Music Lessons @ 903 Collinson - Piano and Saxophone Lessons in Victoria BC. Starting at $50.40 per month. Start your lessons at any time. Piano and Saxophone Lessons by Jackie Perriam and Erik Abbink in Fairfield, Victoria, B.C. Canada
Lebeau-Petersen Productions3. Lebeau-Petersen Productions
Using our pool of bass, drum, keyboard, electric guitar and vocal students, we form basic rock bands and study pop and rock music, both current and classic.
Music for Young Children® (MYC), Sidney BC4. Music for Young Children® (MYC), Sidney BC
MYC explained: Keyboard technique, singing, rhythm, ear training, sight reading, theory, history, and composition presented with dynamic teaching aids that capture children's attention and excite their imaginations.
Viola Teachers in Victoria B.C.5. Viola Teachers in Victoria B.C.
Looking for viola lessons? Find out who is teaching close to you.

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