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VicStart Internet Directory

The VicStart Search Engine, Internet Link Directory and Free Classifieds are products of YorStart Web Solutions, a Victoria based company. The main goal of this site is:

"Making your favourite Victoria sites only a few clicks away!"

There are 3 important sections to this site:

All these sections are easily accessible from the home page.
The Link Directory pages have their own subcategories, mostly in alphabetical order.

Principles of this website.

  • pages are relatively small (mainly text) and therefore easy to download
  • the site is accessible for all major browsers and resolutions
  • everybody is able to list themselves, but
  • only relevant links are added to the directory
  • advertising is limited (no annoying pop-ups) and mostly text-based
  • the content is independent

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the most frequently asked questions in our FAQ page.

YorStart Web Solutions started building this site in July 2003 and is extending its size on a daily bases.

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YorStart Web Solutions
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Victoria, BC
(360) 283 5252

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