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What STV Means To You - Delores Broten1. What STV Means To You - Delores Broten
Proportional Representation is within our grasp in BC, if we can just figure out what BC-STV means. It’s the BC Single Transferable Vote, and it’s our best chance to change the way we “do politics” in BC.
Why you should yes for STV - Paul Willcocks2. Why you should yes for STV - Paul Willcocks
Elections are precious opportunities, despite all the flaws in our political process. You get to help choose the party with the best policies, or leader, or the local candidate who will work most effectively for your community'. This election is even more precious. You have a rare - maybe once in a lifetime - chance to improve our system by voting for a new, and better, way of electing MLAs and governments. If enough of us say yes to the single-transferable-vote system, it will be used for the 2009 election, bringing more representative, diverse legislatures and more responsive MLAs.

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Citizens' Assembly
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Wikipedia on the Single Transferable Vote

How STV-BC Works
Citizens' Assembly

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YES Opinions
STV for BC - Yes for BC-STV
Fair Voting BC
BC STV Electoral System
Delores Broten
Ian King
Paul Willcocks tip
Peter Ewart
Rafe Mair

NO Opinions
Know STV
David Schreck
Mike Culpepper
Norman Spector

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